Call for Paper

The State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) of Ponorogo kindly invite scholars and academicians from Indonesian and overseas universities to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Islamic Studies (ICIS)


Prof. Dr. Hj. S. Maryam Yusuf

Professor of Sociology of Religion at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of IAIN Ponorogo

Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Mun'im

Professor of Islamic Law at Faculty of Shari'a of IAIN Ponorogo

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mustaqim Bin Mohd Zarif

Professor at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh, MPA

Director at The Wahid Institute

K.H. Baha'uddin Nur Salim

Board of National Tafseer Council

Dr. Roslan Abdul Rahim

Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah Perak Malaysia

About ICIS

ICIS is a biennial conference on Islamic studies hosted and organized by The State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) of Ponorogo. The even was firstly conducted in 2018. For 2020, the main theme of the conference is Religious Moderation in the Millennial Era. This theme is derived from the grand agenda of Religious Moderation promoted by Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia.

We invites scholars and academician from Indonesian and overseas universities to participate in this conference. We hope this conference can be a medium to exchange new ideas and debate various contemporary issues in Islamic studies, and eventually become a small but significant step to promote religious moderation in Indonesia.


  • Innovative Model of Moderate Islamic Education in the 4.0 Era
  • Integration of Islam and Science in the 4.0 Era Islamic
  • Law and Modern Indonesia: Challenges in the 4.0 Era
  • Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Thought and Philosophy
  • Politics, Media and Religion
  • Islamic Law and Local Wisdom
  • Developing Models of Religious Education to Counter Conservatism and Radicalism
  • Islam youth and Social Media
  • Echoes of Radicalism and Populism in Online Media
  • Hijrah, Representation and Identity
  • Islamic Education in the Disruption Era
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